Weak against the word wet luster. I wonder why. Because it’s sexy or feminine, can it stir up your imagination? DISCO is an eye shadow that embodies the expression of wet gloss.



Cosmetic brand founded by makeup artist Nikki DeRoest.

I feel that minimal and stylish product design is now popular. Konmari’s influence? I was also weak in minimal design, and I was fascinated by simple and sophisticated brand visuals.
I sympathized with the brand philosophy of innovative and easy-to-use cosmetics without compromising the ingredients, and I was completely attracted to Nikki’s worldview.

 Healthy and glamorous mode.And, personally such brand image that the warmth of the west coast that has elegance looks good. I think it’s really thought so that anyone can use it. The name of the palette is 52 ° Cool and 75 ° Warm, and the color image is an easy-to-understand palette, and each is a modern idea that is conscious of skin tone!

 A simple package with “RÓEN” written in a white box. When I put it out, the eye shadow is in the white velvet cover and I like the whole product design. .

 At first glance it’s champagne beige, but when it comes out, the color doesn’t wear. A unique silver glitter glitters like a mirror ball!

 And mysterious texture. Glitter won’t hurt in my eyes. Because it sticks to the eyelids. And this isn’t a liquid … Stila’s liquid glitter shadow that I bought before was in my eye because it hurt my eyes. I think ROEN is amazing.

 That is also my favorite point. I like Pan with a feeling of use, but I like DISCO Pan … do you understand? I like wet glossy shadow bread that is neither liquid nor gel.

 Speaking of Japanese wet gloss shadows, it ’s an ADDICTION Mariage. Actually, it looks very similar when you put them side by side. It’s different when you swatch. Neither of them actually colors

Left : ROEN DISCO Right : ADDICTION 92 Mariage

ADDICTION has smaller lame. Similar but different concept. It ’s fun to compare, but I don’t like DUPE. Because there should be a sense of brand and concept.

上 DISCO 下 Mariage

 I feel like I’ve met. It’s good to have a portable pouch and you can be happy just by looking at it. I want to cherish my whole life.

Such an eye shadow ♡

Thank you.

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