Fetishe Eyes … I like this naming too.

 I think mascara has the shortest life. I can’t use it for a year. So I want to keep using one of my favorites.

(But Too Faced’s Damm Girl will be purchased ←)

 At the beginning of July, there’s 20% OFF sale on Pat’s official website. I ordered it when I wanted to buy it!

 A mascara arrived in a small Pat Box.

 Japanese Pat fans call KIZAMI NORI(dried seaweed) the cushioning material they use on the Pat box.


Thank you for one mascara. .

Spark joy in the blue package ♡

 The volume comes out more like auto lashes than I thought I would actually use. I thought it was Pat ’s mascara. When I put it on again, it’s fuzzy and finished with retro eyelashes.

 My eyelashes are thin and few. The length is not long. So, after I put it on, I put it in a bunch with a hot eyelash curler, and it looks like an extension. Becomes doll eyelashes. On top of that, it becomes an eyelash that was popular in the 1960s America.

I’ve avoided volume mascara because it gets dirty, but this isn’t dirty. Progressive finish. It feels like a modern version of American 1960s makeup.

I love pat mascara, but I write negative points.


The curl keep is about 3 stars. ★★★

 I don’t care because I use hot eyelash curlers. Other mascaras have better curl keeps.

There is almost no long effect.

 Because it is a volume mascara, it contains no fiber. I think that there is no problem if you use a fiber-coated base or layer mascara coat.

Ease of use ★★

 Applying the upper eyelashes is easy to use. However, lower eyelashes are still difficult! The rod is big! But if you wear it carefully, you will be impressed. I think some people feel it is difficult to use, like me.

Bleeding resistance ★★★

I have no problem! If you are living normally, you will not be able to stop. But, I use mascara coats when I use eye drops many times, have tears, sweat, and stay in a hot and humid environment for a long time.

Ease of dropping ★★

The hot water will drop! But it’s not a film type, so if I don’t wash it carefully, my eyes will turn black. I’m a film believer, so I feel a little difficult to drop. But forgive Pat mascara! Lol

 I think I wrote too many negative points, but I love mascara. If you like Pat’s world view, mascara you want to use. I want to recommend it.

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