Introducing Pat’s 3 favorite palettes. They are priced at ¥ 7,400. It seems that the price has recently increased. I think it was a little cheaper because I bought it as a set. My impression when I used it for the first time was that I was surprised. The quality of the pigment is very good. I would give it 100 points. for coloring, moist feeling, elongation, and fineness of glitter. For example, even with the same gold, the quality of the pigment is different and it looks similar when you swatch it, but it is completely different when placed on the eyelid. A lineup of colors that have been carefully selected to the smallest detail. And no other color scheme. Fashionable color sense.
  Pat’s cosmetic line isn’t limited to this, but it’s only 3months after the purchase, and it’s just a love for the day. I like all the names of colors because I like them too much.

I’m writing an article that many people want to know because it’s so much favorite.

Enjoy with swatches.



 Everyone loves La vie en rose. La vie en rose is a French song. I learned from a French bilingual elementary school student who likes La vie en rose. Covered by kids idol (KIDS UNITED) which is popular in France, it seems to be a very popular song for children. I listened to Gaga’s cover many times. Oops, the story has diverted, but this color scheme is too artistic to be used.
 I love Gold Nector. The quality of the pigment is not normal because it seems to be an invention in the century. Because it is as strong as a concealer, the goal will be colored even when layered on a dark color.
 Next, I like Pale Fire. Pink pearl is a solid beige base. That is polarization color. Just use this to become CUTE. If you don’t want to CUTE too much, you can use this as a base. I use it like that.


 I think Platinum Bronze is the most used pallet. The reason is easy to use first. And the darkness can be adjusted, so it can be used without problems for work or private. (Although it’s not allowed on busy mornings) The color makes a natural sculpture, so the eyes are crisp. So use it when you want to make big eyes. This palette has a dull color but doesn’t make your skin dirty. What is exquisite color.

 The color that was shocking in this palette was Telepathic Taupe. As you can see from Pat’s official video, it ’s like a jewel. It ’s not such an exaggeration. What experiment did pat do? Glitter is as fine as I think and collects light. The eyelids are beautiful when exposed to light. There are both cool and warm tones, so it’s a little difficult to match with this palette, but I like it. If you use it well, your eyelid will look like a jewel.


 Now last, bronze ambition. This palette has a warm tone color scheme. Copper orange is metallic and each color is super cool! ! This pigment eye shadow is not found in Japanese cosmetics. A palette that can be cool.
I love all 3 palettes.


GILTY PLEASURES ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Elevate your eyes with the luxurious coppers, charcoals, and golden hues of the #MTHRSHP SUBLIME Bronze Ambition Eye Palette ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Shop it now @ PATMcGRATH.COM. 🎨 #PMGHowTo 一 Apply ‘THROWING SHADE’ pigment to outer corner, crease & lower lash line with a small detail brush 一 Define lower lash line with PermaGel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in ‘BLITZ BROWN’ 一 Deepen crease using ’THROWING SHADE’ pigment 一 Apply ‘GOLD RUSH’ pigment to lid 一 Apply Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner onto lash line & extend into wing 一 Highlight brow bone with ‘GILT TRIP’ pigment 一 Using a wet brush, highlight the inner corner with ‘GOLD RUSH’ pigment 一 Apply mascara & false lashes

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 Above all, the dark brown color called Ilicit is very dark. I can use it to strengthen my face. To tell the truth, this color is very similar to the color on the right side of the NARS duo CODURA, but this one is moist and has good color and good color. I like both because both are good. Surprisingly, this color has a very fine multicolored glitter, and it is beautiful even if it is stretched slightly. It becomes insane while writing an article.

 that’s all. There is a feeling of satisfaction just by touching this view of the world, but I want more people to be interested. Since it has just started, will it spread more in Japan? I’m looking forward to it!

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