My summer base makeup

 Before summer is over, I leave a memorandum of summer base makeup and summer-like skin creation. Because summer foundation is the most important. so It gets really really HOT where I live in Japan. – I’m so happy when I find a Miracle foundation, or I’m in trouble because there are too many Miracle foundations. I can’t choose. A foundation that can withstand crumbles and dry skins will come in love. Everyone can only make makeup that suits the summer sunshine. I want to get through this hot summer as much as I can. And about my summer base makeup.

Left : ASTALIFT D-UV CLEAR / Right : Georgio Armani Maestro UV

 The primer is Armani Maestro UV, and this is mixed with Astalift D-UV Clear 1: 1. I have been using Astalift since last year. So this is the second! FUJIFILM’s UV technology is reliable so you can take measures against sunburn with confidence. (My favorite camera is also FUJIFILM)-Maestro UV alone has a weak sunscreen effect and this alone has a lot of oil. However, the texture is milky and easy to apply. And it is compatible with the power fabric.


above : Georgio Armani Power Fabric 03 / under : Charlotte Tilbury Flawlessfilter 02

 Is the foundation a tool for creating artificial skin? The foundation I love is Armani’s power fabric. The finish is a semi-mat that mimics a silky cloth. Moreover, I like the feeling of glossiness over time because of the beautiful crumble in this sultry Japan. When I’m outside for a long time, I’m going to apply the Etuse oil block base to the T-zone where it’s hard to get off. Then my face won’t be a catastrophe, even if I don’t fix it until the evening. It is a lie that the foundation of the nose will disappear with sebum and will not collapse at all. However, it is okay to turn off the sebum and apply NARS Light Reflecting Powder. This is long lasting but I don’t mind drying. I also like the reasonably medium coverage and thick coating. I feel that I can reach the ugly place because Armani has supervised it. I thought of using other products and ecstasy lacquers, but I felt perfect without any compromise in terms of the package, contents, and feeling of use. One of the most trusted brands.

 CT’s flowless filter is very useful when going out for a short time or at night. Shiny with pearl. The skin looks like a thin veil. The texture is heavy. Just use it as a highlight or layer it thinly on a concealer and finish it with NARS light reflecting powder. Use 1: 1 when mixing with foundation. Basically, it is covered with a concealer and thinly layered. When you put it on with your finger, be sure to tap it in. I like to wear it with a brush rather than a sponge. It is very good for making summery skin, but it is off with a lot of oil.

Blush & Bronzer

 The story of Bronzer and Brush that I think was the best buy this summer. At first I just wanted to make tanned skin. However, knowing the goodness of bronzer, the time to wear bronzer was the best relaxation.

TOMFORD Bronzer 02 Terra

 The best bronzer this summer was Tom Ford’s Terra.

 A cool tone mat bronzer, exquisite neutral color that is not too yellow, not too red, and not too gray was the best. Now you can also contour. Nose contouring is very natural. One of the points of comfort is that the formula is delicate like silk and powder like liquid.

TOMFORD Bronzer Brush 05


 Tom Ford’s bronzer brush 05 is also my favorite and has a lot of hair and feels good against my skin. The brush is big and I can bronz the whole face at once. Wayne Goss’s Youtube is very helpful. -If you put it on the face and neck, it will be the best summer tanned skin.

Hourglass Difused Bronzer Light

Hourglass Difused Bronzer Light

 Next is Hourglass’s Difused Bronzer Light travel size. This is also recommended on Twitter☺️ Impressions, tiny! This had a strong orange taste when placed on the skin. Glossy on the skin because it contains pearls and has a highlight effect. And you can use it instead of brush. I’ll buy the actual item when it is gone.

NARS Orgasm Blush

 NARS orgasm is a representative summer brush. The limited high-capacity version package was so cute, and I bought it because BA told me it would sell out. Gold Pearl seems to be summer! The color is cool tone pink, but when combined with bronzer, it becomes a coral color. For me it became an essential brush in the summer.


TOMFORD Orchid Soleil

 Speaking of summery skin, this perfume! Tomford Orchid Soleil purchased in the spring. As summer approaches, the fragrance will become familiar to the skin. I enjoyed enjoying the season that Orchid Soleil had come. Sweet perfume that seems to smell from the skin that the beach of the west coast looks good. Originally such a sweet perfume that is sweet but spicy tones. A mysterious perfume that is strong and has a habit and cannot be easily worn, but it feels like a story. The fragrance changes from the top note to the middle note are very easy to understand. The moment of changing from middle to last note is like a sweet snack time. It smells like vanilla and whipped cream. Wearing sleeveless on a sunny day makes you feel like you are in a foreign country. Although it is a scent to choose a place, it is a very favorite perfume.

Thank you very much for reading. See you soon!

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