Last week, I bought a lot of NARS lip products, Because it was selling on the EC site.

NARS: Satin Lip Pencil 

They are Luxembourg, Bansar, Timanfaya, Lodhi. 

 First, introduce 4 satin lip pencils

Luxembourg - Vivid Watermelon

 Luxembourg 🇱🇺 Neighbors with France, Germany and Belgium. It is interesting and I like the name of the country. The color is pop and cool tone red. Seems like Taylor Swift used it a lot. (I’m a fan of Taylor) Speaking of Taylor, it was the image of Dragon Girl, but the actress Hilary Duff talked on the radio that she was using Luxembourg, so she went to buy NARS. I’m glad to hear such an episode. By the way, this lip was not particularly strong in stains, and even after swatching and cleansing several times, it didn’t fall off … I had to clean it well.

Lodhi – Vibrant Coral

 India🇮🇳Is it an area inside the Indian capital, New Delhi? When I looked it up on Google, it looked like a hotel. I thought it was an orange coral lip, but when I actually applied it, it was white with cool tone pink. I think coral pink is pink like orange in Japan, but it may be different in America. But this is cute. It’s easy to use everyday and cute even when layered with other colors. cute! !

Timanfaya  – Mandarin Red

Timanfaya National Park

 Spain🇪🇸Inspired by Timanfaya National Park, the name of the park in the southwestern part of Lanzarote, the Canary Islands of Spain. This was somehow convinced. (I’ve never been)
‘Mandarin Red’ is correct, but I think it ’s correct to say a deep orange or a deep orange close to brown. If you like NARS, you can see that lip NARS just by looking. This is a fashionable fashion with glittering copper glitter. I want to use it when I have a simple style of T-shirts and jeans. Because there is a presence. As expected, Francois NARS.

The last satin lip is …

Bansar – Rose Brown

 Nepal🇳🇵I don’t know if it’s a mountain or a village. It is an area called Bangsar.

 Nudy rose brown. Is Orange winning? Calm brown. I’m not good at brown lip, but I can wear it without any problems! I want to go to see Japanese autumn leaves (KOUYOU) in autumn.

Summary of satin lip

  It is light and easy to carry with a sense of size that is not bulky even on a pouch. It has a moist texture and does not dry, so it is very comfortable to apply. In addition, it is easy to use because it can be painted beautifully because it is a pencil type compared to ordinary lipstick. Each color was cool and hard to remove, so it was better than I imagined. The bad thing was that I wanted the lipstick color and the actual color to be a little closer to the real thing. I also feel that the cap is a little cheaper. However, the goodness appears on the lip.

The last one is


# Walk This Way (Rose Pink)

 MATTE LIP PIGMENT Walk This Way. Is it derived from Aerosmith? An image that sounds like a good beat and a distorted guitar tone.

 Impression, very very cute 💘 This was really good. As for what was good, it turns into a mat as soon as it is applied. Immediately after painting, it feels moist and doesn’t feel dry even after several hours. It does not adhere to the glass when eating or drinking. A stress-free lip! Touch up is not necessary. Touch up is fun too. It is recommended to add shear gloss after the meal is over. This was good and good. I like it.

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